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Mission Statement

MP Instrument Company's Mission is to serve the Telecommunications and CATV Industries by providing them with the opportunity to utilize and extend the life of existing assets.

Solving needs in North and South America by providing quality equipment repair, maintenance, testing, products and customized asset management programs.


MP Instrument Company

125 W. Crosstimbers
Houston, Texas 77018

(713) 694-3996
Toll Free: (800) 392-5731
Fax: (713) 694-1293



Mildred Pate
(713) 742-4212


Vice President

Joey Pate
(713) 742-4214


Customer Service

Jan Sullivan
(713) 742-4210


Service Account Director

Deborah Salinas
(713) 742-4216


Sales Manager

Charles Stubblefield
(713) 742-4219



Cynthia Santana
(713) 742-4217


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